Sunday, January 25, 2009

And so it begins

A new year, a new blog, and a new commitment.  This year, I have dedicated myself, through the Aeclectic tarot forum, to spending time with my Llewellyn tarot at least once a week.  My goals in doing so are threefold: firstly, to get to know this gorgeous deck; secondly, to purposefully commit to tarot; and lastly, to find out how I operate as a reader- to find out my strengths and weaknesses, and to know myself.

I don't expect it to be easy, which is why I started this blog... I think it will help me to stay on track, if I have a "home".  I intend to post my personal readings, reflections, and insights on this blog.  I will check in here at least once a week- but hopefully more frequently!

So, watch this space- and let's see where this takes me.


  1. Good to see you joining us! We're all having a ball doing this PDR....well at least I am! LOL

  2. Welcome! I look forward to learning about the Llewellyn.

  3. Welcome! I to am using the Llewellyn. Will be great to see the deck from your perspective.

  4. Welcome, Autumn's D. I'll look forward to learning from you.