Friday, January 30, 2009

Ugh, A Reading

Winter has been difficult this year.  It seems like we've been battered from day one, either with lots of snow or wicked cold.  Maybe I've gotten soft from the run we had of mild winters.  But this is just crazy.  I'm sick of being cold, and I'm sick of being cooped up inside.  So what's a girl to do?  Read cards of course.  But, sad to say, Llewellyn isn't helping today.  I need something warmer, a bit more active- kind of like ginger.  Something to heat me up from the inside out.  So, tonight I'm grabbing my Osho Zen.  I feel like Osho's personality is that of a fat marmalade cat laying in a sunny window... "What's all the fuss?  Just enjoy yourself, why doncha?  Relax!"

Even shuffling this chunky deck cheers me up.  The beautiful design on the back is color therapy- golds, oranges, yellows... like sunshine.  I am just doing a general "checkup" sort of reading tonight... how am I doing?  What needs attention?  What isn't working in my life, and what is?

I draw 3 cards-Understanding, We are the World, and Friendliness.  How nice.  This deck does tend to play nice- when you need it.  When you need tough love... well, there is plenty of darkness to go around as well...

The image of understanding (page of cups) is a flock of white birds- doves- who are all flying out into the wild blue yonder... through a set of bars... like they have finally understood that they had access to freedom all the while that they were locked up.  This relates to my job- I have, in the past few days, come to understand that I am not locked up in this job- I am not being held hostage.  Nobody has a knife to my throat.  I could quit tomorrow if I wanted to.  And besides that, I have the choice to allow certain people to freak the hell out of me, or I can choose to not let it get to me- to be impenetrable.  That is the freedom of the hanged man- even though physically, he's tied up and left hanging, mentally he can go wherever he wants, and he has made the choice to not feel bad about what is happening... he's not letting it get to him.

We are the world (10 of pentacles) other than reminding me of Michael Jackson (ewww) this card reminds me that sappy as it seems, we are all in this together... the human condition is something we all share- and there is a shared consciousness... this has to do with my tarot studies... looking into archetypes and mythology, and finding the common threads.  Joseph Campbell is my homeboy.  I also wonder if this might relate to Obama.  Granted, he wasn't my favorite- for a long while- I have now come to see his true potential.  I still don't view him as a guru, but maybe he can heal some of the damage done by Bush, and not just the stuff related to the economy- but more, our sense of who we are- we aren't Americans first, we are humans first. 

Friendliness (2 of cups) is one of the most endearing cards to me in this deck... it is so simple, and so cute.  Two pretty little trees have decided to grow next to each other.  I guess I'm not sure what this means right now- my co-worker K has become a good friend.  Maybe that's what it is saying.  I'm going to draw a clarifyer card... hmm, sorrow.  A picture of a person- he looks like a monk- all by himself in a dark room.  Would be 9 of swords in a normal deck.  I think Osho is pointing out that we grow better when we have company, and that I need to stop hiding out in my room, on my computer. :D  Well, to be serious, it would be good to meet some local tarot enthusiasts.  I just need to figure out how... pulling another card...

Intensity (knight of wands) shows a person sprinting... in this triangle (hard to explain) and focused to a point right in front of him.  So, maybe taking an idea and running with it, being direct.  Maybe I can ask at my local woo-woo shop! :D

Okay, I think that's it for tonight.  Funny, with Osho Zen, I feel more like asking a question at a time, pulling a card.  An interview.


  1. Lovely Osho Reading! I rarely get my Osho deck out any more... don't know why... Reading this kind of made me want to play with it again. You described the cards so well - I could see them with my mind's eye.

    The Knight of Wands isn't afraid of the spotlight - he'd be the one to start and lead a group of tarot enthusiasts :) Hope you find some kindred spirits where you live. Do run with the idea and let us know how you go!

  2. A great place to meet people with similar interests is to start or go to a Meetup. See if a group exists. If not... start one. Gary did, faunabay and I are going to in our area.

  3. Yes, gotta love that Osho Zen. It can be all warm and fuzzy, but it can also turn and smack you upside the head sometimes, just as I imagine a true Zen master would. If I remember the Friendliness card, that where the trees sort of blend together where they meet? I can see that for a tarot meet up group. Where each participant has something to teach and something to learn.

  4. good job on your committment. Writing down or speaking a reading is the only way to get where you want to go. It makes you define your thoughts...sometimes we learn we didn't have any thoughts ;)
    Thumbs up, Sharyn/AJ