Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Reading #4: Reading on a reading

Tomorrow morning I will be doing a reading for a good friend of mine, K.  K is a sweet, funny girl with a certain quiet determination beneath her easygoing demeanor.  I thought she would be a skeptic, so I was surprised when she wanted a reading.

K and I are having a girls' day tomorrow- going out for breakfast, going window shopping, and getting pedicures... it's our V-day gift to ourselves.  Sometime in there, I will give her a reading, and I am curious about how it will go.  So I am just pulling 3 cards- 1 for the goal, 1 for the challenge, and one for the solution... let's see how it looks...

The Goal: Page of Wands- it looks like my goal for K's reading will be giving her a message of action- an action plan.  The rabbit seems to say that the time is ripe for fertility- putting plans into action and seeing them multiply... so there is a real opportunity for K right now, to follow her passion, and that is what I am to communicate.

The Challenge: The Empress- it looks like the challenge will be empowering K- helping her to believe that she is capable of such strong action will be challenging.  Also, as she is living with her parents, I can see this being a reluctance to leave home.  There is something in here too- a sort of martyrdom.  Rhiannon absolutely was a martyr for at least part of her existence... and I think K will have to look at how she does this in her own life.

The Solution:  The Tower.  Hoo boy!  I think the solution is beyond my doing- more of a universe action than anything else.  Or else, maybe something I will say will strike her- a bolt of insight.  At any rate, it will force her out of her comfort zone, into new territory- building a new life for herself, or at least, a new perspective.  The story of Bala Lake is that it once was a kingdom, but was flooded as a punishment for the drunkeness of the local prince... the only one who was saved was a harpist, who was led out of danger by a little bird.  So maybe K will be saved from a bad situation by a "little bird"- interesting...

Overall, it looks like the reading will be a powerful, positive move for K- a helpful push in the right direction.  It looks like it might be rather challenging, but with great challenges, come great solutions.  I will report back on how the reading goes tomorrow!

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  1. Yes, this does look like the "little" reading you're going to do for K will be more than little. LOL