Monday, February 16, 2009

Reading #5: Mundane Love Reading

Well.  It's the night after Valentine's day- and after a hard day at work, and feeling hungover from too much sugar without the benefit of a wild night, I decided to do a mundane love reading.  I figured, I've binged on chocolate, self pity, and bitching with single friends already, why not add another sin to the list- fortune telling.  Now generally, I view tarot as a noble art- something to be revered and appreciated as a valuable tool for self realization.  The day after VD, that all gets hurled out the window.  I wanna know my future dammit!  I don't care how short-sighted it might be!  So I did this quick 5 carder- on a guy I have liked for too long with whom I have lost touch- just to see what the cards could tell me.

1.  His feelings for me: 2 of pentacles- he's  undecided, or trying to juggle too many things to even think about me.  He feels that I'm slightly unstable- or his feelings for me change frequently.  They are ambiguous- he doesn't know what he wants.

2.  My feelings for him- 2 of wands- interesting that there is a pair of two's here... I feel that he could potentially be my future- I have envisioned him as my future.  I have planned out what life would be like with him.

3.  How he sees me: 5 of cups- he sees me as having sour grapes... and not being able to get over the past.  He sees me being stuck on a past experience, not moving forward.  He sees that this is not the end, but sees that I can't see it.

4.  How I see him: 10 of Swords- dead to me.  I see him as over and done with, in the past, and sadly, not part of my life anymore.  "All washed up" comes to mind.  I see him as being a mere fantasy for me- an ideal that has left me disillusioned.  The end.

5.  What the future holds:  10 of Cups- hold up, what?  the 10 of Cups?  This I do not get.  Must have pulled the wrong card, right?  I mean come on, the previous 2 cards were some of the most negative in the deck, and then this image- a couple kissing, their children playing by a river, a rainbow?  How do we get there from here?  I am very- well- lost by this card.  And it keeps coming up, and just plain irritating me.  I can't believe I'm being irritated by the 10 of cups, but there you have it.  And I don't see how it could happen.  Ugh.

So what now?  How does one reconcile such a happy ending with such morose cards in the present?  Any opinions?


  1. Tricky one. Love readings for self always are. Is that specifically what the future holds for the two of you - the future of your relationship? Or could it be that you find 10 of Cups kind of fulfilment within Self? Basically, since you want to know if you have a future at all with this guy, maybe a clarifying yes/no spread might be a good idea? Mary Greer has an excellent yes/no spread on her blog. I've tried it and it seems to work. It's a spread that uses the Wheel of Fortune and 7 other cards in four different positions. Check it out:

  2. If 10 of Cups represents happiness to you, maybe that happiness is possible after you've assimilated the previous four cards into your understanding. Happiness may be moving on, and not hanging your hopes on another.

  3. Hi. I know I'm late posting a comment but I'm just catching up with the blogs. Interesting contrast between the ten of cups and the rest of the spread. Could the ten of cups represent the illusion, or perhaps the ideal that you are searching for? I wonder if it's a message to have a look at what your expectations are in relation to what exactly it is that would make you happy. Thanks for sharing your reading.